Saturday, 26 January 2008

HR Giger Museum - Gruyeres - June 2004

The availability of Giger Art in the UK, it seemed, was minimal.
Or at least, that was the decision I came to after searching through book shops and art galleries of all descriptions in my home area of Chester and Liverpool.
Although true, that a few of the more common publications from Taschen and Morpheus could be found, it was soon possible to exhaust the pitiful stock that lay on shelves of the one or two shops that held these items.
It was during this time, in 2002, that a new passion was awakening within me.
For over twenty years, I had followed and lived with my true passion of playing keyboards and synthesizers for the creation of original electronic music.
Not without, of course, being totally enthused and inspired by those who perform this music with greater ability than myself.
Now though, in 2004, a new compulsion was begging to be followed and I knew that I had to look farther.
Not only feeling compelled to do so, I can also remember feeling assured that this was the right thing to do, and the next path to follow in my life, to venture to Gruyeres in Switzerland.

The adventure had begun.
Little did I know at that stage, totally unaware in fact, that this first solo trip to Gruyeres would be the beginning of a journey that I am still travelling on today, and has led to experiences and involvements which have empowered my inner self and enriched my continuing life.
So, I travel.


cakmonster said...

most poetic - nicely put. continue to enjoy !

Dave Julian said...

Thank You cakmonster !!
Much appreciated here, I hope to be able to continue, one day..