Saturday, 26 January 2008

For this, the first time I landed at Geneva Airport, I was a stranger to Switzerland.
Regardless, I found that I was soon sitting on the upper deck of a Swiss train, which gave the impression that what could be seen through the windows was moving gently away, and not us, as the train began to leave Geneva Airport Station.
It occurred to me that I could have been travelling in a craft not connected by any mechanical means to the surface of this planet.
Or, maybe this was just part of the affect from what was the beginning of my discoveries and experiences in Switzerland.

I changed trains twice on this journey to Gruyeres with each of the trains becoming smaller, until I was travelling in a wooden sided carriage with big open windows that allowed the sunshine and the summer air to flood inside.
It was indeed, a very nice day.
From where this train stopped, at a little station in Gruyeres, I was able to find my way to the path that leads up the hill toward the Medieval part of the town and through a gateway that took me onto the cobbled street that runs through this village.
I had a thought.
Something that I had not arranged for this Trip, was my accommodation.
I had faith.
Having already compared Hotel prices that I had found on a page of and after gazing around my new surroundings, I walked straight toward Hotel la Fleur de Lys.
On this day, there was one room left available, this was for me.
I can remember that this room was offered to me as though it was just a spare room and not part of the rest of the Hotel.
This little room built in the roof space, with a skylight window, could not have been more perfect for me.
Eager to view this Swiss village from above the roof tops, I walked toward the skylight window and stood on the little wooden stool below.
With my elbows resting on the tiles of the Hotel's roof, I looked toward Castle St. Germain at just after quarter past six on a June summer's evening in Gruyeres and took my first shot.
Hence, the first photograph in this Blog.

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