Saturday, 2 February 2008

To have and to keep some visual memories of this evening, I had taken with me the Canon compact 35mm camera that I was using at this time.
Without wanting to appear too obtrusive, I took a small number of photographs in the street outside Arludik that held the excited gathering of visitors.
This was now the second time in my life that I was in a place where Giger Art was for sale, but only the first time in my life that I had seen separate Prints from what is the very special collection of the New York City series by HR Giger.
I was, at this point, totally captivated.

My satisfaction from this visit to Paris now seemed complete as I walked away from Arludik, filled with the intoxication from my consumption of glasses of free punch that were served, and the memories of meetings and conversations that I was still as yet, to fully see the path that these would lead me to.

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