Saturday, 2 February 2008

It was with very pleasant surprise that I received a courteous and helpful reply from Martine Lusardy, Director of Halle Saint-Pierre, informing me of a Hotel possibility situated in the neighbouring area of Montmartre.
Unfortunately, on contacting the Hotel, I was informed that this was fully booked.

I soon found, for myself, alternative Hotel accommodation and finalized my plans of travel to the City of Light.
I landed at Charles de Gaul Airport, caught a train to Gare de Nord and followed a street map within a Lonely Planet book of Paris to my Hotel, all with enough time remaining to locate on foot Halle Saint-Pierre, just before closing time.
This allowed me to introduce myself, and give thanks to Martine Lusardy, before returning to Halle Saint-Pierre the next day with the intention of losing myself, once again, within the abyssal depths of Giger Art.

The Exhibition at Halle Saint-Pierre was held under the title of “Le Monde Selon HR Giger”, The World According to HR Giger, and featured over two hundred Works of Art from the ultimately creative palette of this truly unique Artist.
Such a pleasure for me, to enjoy the freedom of being the tourist within this Exhibition and to experience again, just as when inside HR Giger Museum in Gruyeres, the all consuming affect that is evoked when surrounded by the purity of Giger Art.

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