Saturday, 29 March 2008

Here you can see these two gentlemen listening intently as HR Giger gives his acceptance speech just before the Awards were given.

Also present in this room of ceremonies were quite a large number of people and onlookers with cameras in their possession.
It was within this line of people that I was trying to find good position for taking the photographs that I was able.
Fortunately, the two photographs that you see here, and others that I was able to take on this day, are the result of my persistence within the small crowd, thus giving a photographic record of this once in a lifetime Event.
An air of jubilance and celebration filled the ceremony room after the Awards had been given and time was taken for all to reflect on the morning's proceedings.

Our group left Hotel de Ville and we made our way to the nearby Louvre Palace for some lunch.
We all sat together at a table in Café Marly, which is housed in buildings looking on to the courtyard of the Louvre Palace.
After our lunch, we continued into the exhibition rooms of the Louvre and spent some hours of the afternoon making our tour through the hall ways of this historic and incredible building.
Unfortunately, the larger areas of the Egyptian exhibits, which were the strong desire of Carmen's to visit, were closed.

Later in the afternoon, some of us parted company, while myself and others made our way back to the Montmartre area of Paris to our hotel, weary but jubilant from the unique experiences of this day.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Mr Giger enjoying recognition by the French. He is a true European and to quote Thucidydes, his work is "a posession for all time."


Dave Julian said...

Thank you for your comment.
It was a privilege for me to witness this recognition given to HR Giger.
Indeed, I think the full affect of Giger's Work has yet to be realised, but will be seen as time progresses.