Sunday, 8 August 2010

HR Giger in Vienna - May 2006

Thirteen whole long months passed by between my arrival home from the HR Giger Retrospective in Prague and my departure once more, for this next expedition of great adventure, to Vienna in Austria.

There is no possible presence of any doubt in my mind, that this expedition to Vienna or that this exhibition of Giger Art at the Kunsthaus Wien, were by far my favourites of each, Expeditions and Exhibitions.

All of this was enjoyed during the latter part of May 2006, with benefit from the warmth during daytime hours that was given to us by the welcoming sunshine which surrounded us all during the days in Vienna.


Anonymous said...

I still love this blog. Anything new in the works?

Dave Julian said...

Many thanks, A.Decker...I really appreciate your comment. Yes, I am currently working on the next chapter, covering HR Giger in Basel 2007.