Sunday, 8 August 2010

Pictured here is one such exterior building, known as "The Pump House".

The intensity of colours and lacquer coatings give the impression of water flowing to a pool below, which lies beneath the steps leading to the ornate grandeur of this highly decorative building.

Our group spent many hours at this unique location in Vienna, absorbing its surroundings and feeling occasionally as though our surroundings were absorbing us.

Leaving the Ernst Fuchs Museum behind was not an easy task.
However, we made our eventual departure in a convoy of taxis and assembled again at a restaurant famed for its menu of authentic Viennese dishes.
Once there, we sat in our small groups at tables and exchanged our tales of wonder from that day's unforgettable experience.

For your own viewing of the Ernst Fuchs Villa, upon where it is possible to take 'Virtual Tours' of the Museum, please follow the attached link below.

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