Sunday, 8 August 2010

This too, a gathering once more for Giger Gang members from around the world. A chance for familiar faces to meet again and for warm welcomes to be given to new attendants also making their own journeys of adventure. All of whom were in search of satisfying their own desires for Giger Art and discovery.

Giger Gang members old and new, who joined together for these days in Vienna, were: Carlos Arenas, Les Barany, Alf Battig, Matthias Belz, Aline Berseth, Kelly and Joe Mitchell-Brill with their young son Daniel, Vincent Castiglia, David Jahn, Hans Kunz, Ingrid Lehner, Erwin Tschofen and Sandra Muller, Michael Verhoef, Petter Wallabo and Janina Magnusson, Marco Witzig, Rizyard Wychowski.

We travelled around Vienna and between our destinations within our group of attending members listed here. Others would travel to our arranged destinations where we would all meet together and from then, be as One.

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