Friday, 13 December 2013

Back through the glass double doors and into the house again we walked as we made our way toward one of the downstairs rooms.

Visually, I think there was just too much information for me to absorb on that one occasion and it occurred to me then to put down my camera from around my neck and to noticeably replace the lens cover, indicating that I would not be taking any further photos at that time.

I could see from his facial reaction that Giger himself was pleased by this action of mine; it appeased me too, to see this, as there was now acceptance that I was not visiting for the sole purpose of photographing at every possible occasion.

Inside this room, I was given explanations and previews of what was hopefully to become the published version of ‘The Giger Work Catalogue’.  There was a soft covered draft of what this volume could become, of which we worked our way through its pages and imagery.

Also, another draft version of a soft covered book and with this too came more explanations and histories; this volume contained a vast collection of copies of sketches that had been drawn by HR Giger and collected together, possibly to become another published body or Works.

So absorbed was I, by all that was around me and all that was presented to me, that my thoughts of posing for the statutory ‘visitor’s seat’ photo in the aluminium Harkonnen chair and in HR Giger’s presence, evaporated away, just as did the time that we shared on that monumental day of memorable experiences.

And so it seemed that the time had come for us both to move on; Giger had said that it was time for him to return to his work in his private room.
We stood, facing each other, locked in the gentlemen’s handshake and both said, “Good-bye”.

For me, it was back through the glass double doors once more and into the garden, pausing for a while to assemble my thoughts although, clearly, that was by no means fully achievable at that precise moment.

A few photos later and the time had come to gather myself and my belongings before saying farewell to Ronald and AndrĂ©, from within HR Giger’s home workshop.

Walking slowly through the garden and looking back for one last glimpse, I entered the house and through to the kitchen where I called out to Carmen that it was time for me to leave.
My final farewell seemed the most difficult to give, but it was indeed my time to go.

It was only some hours later that my thoughts and emotions began to settle.
My train journey from Zurich to Basel was taken up with time dedicated to my own scribbling within a note book which I carried with me, for just that purpose of noting down thoughts and memories, hopefully to never be forgotten.

It is actually from some of the pages of that note book that I have been able to write out this chapter, of which you have just reached the end.

I feel now that I have experienced so much, in what was such a short space of time.
To have travelled so far and to have expanded so much, from a solo trip to the HR Giger Museum in Gruyeres to becoming a published photographer of Exhibitions of Artworks by HR Giger and to have written my tales that I give to you here.

For all of which, I am continually grateful.

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