Friday, 13 December 2013

A short while later and I had finished photographing, which then allowed me to enjoy and absorb my surroundings of Giger’s art on display as well as the small crowd of like minded people whose company I shared that afternoon at ‘Spaces’.

I still remember the atmosphere inside ‘Spaces’ at Hilt being charged with a vibrancy of affection and affiliation for the works of HR Giger by the select attendance of those loyal to Giger’s work.

With the arrival of early evening soon upon us, I joined closer company with Alf Battig, Matthias Belz, Sabrina Epifani, André Faust, Flaminio Gaggioni, Hans Kunz, Markus Lion, Stephan Stucki, Marco Witzig and of course Carmen and HR Giger, to dine in a nearby restaurant named ‘Noohn’.

Hours passed by at our table before we said our farewells, with the time that we shared having served as being the perfect ending to a very eventful and memorable day.

Still with adventures and discoveries awaiting their encounter on this trip to Switzerland, I made my way back to the hotel for my last night’s stay in Basel.


Anonymous said...

Lovely. Thanks for this.

Dave Julian said...

Hello again, A.Decker ~ Thank you, for that!