Friday, 13 December 2013

Inside, were André Faust and Ronald Brandt, pictured here working together on the previously ordered black resin Harkonnen Chair of which I was told during my first meeting, the previous day.

I considered this as being one of the many insights that I experienced whilst visiting the home and gardens of HR Giger.

I found it to be very interesting and educational to share conversations with Ronald and André about the work they were undertaking for HR Giger. 
It was during these conversations that I was informed of the extent to which Ronald Brandt had been involved in working for HR Giger over the previous fifteen years or so.

A while later, I ventured back out into the garden and lost myself and my thoughts as I meandered my way around the railway tracks, through evergreen tunnels and around statues and structures, all of which had been designed and crafted by the mind and hands of HR Giger.

Pictured below, you will see a small selection from the images that captured me, whilst spending time in HR Giger’s garden.

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